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Sony XR-77A80LU (2023) 77″ 4K UHD HDR Smart OLED TV

Pitch black.
Rich sound.

Our Pure Black OLED TV powered by Cognitive Processor XR™ delivers remarkable contrast and every single detail, even in dazzling light or deep shadow. Sound comes directly from the screen, ingeniously immersive.


Ultra bright, pure black

Combine our bright, pure black OLED screen with the powerful intelligence of our Cognitive Processor XR™ and you get pictures closer than ever to real life



Contrast. Like life itself.

The secret is peak brightness and pure blacks. Suddenly you’ll see all the detail, depth and texture that is often missing from some screens.



Screen speaker,
always immersive

As the story unfolds before your eyes, you’ll hear a sound track that precisely matches the action. Much the same as in a movie theatre


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