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Samsung QES90D OLED 4K HDR Smart TV

Incredible contrast and immersive sound


Experience the magic of cinematic viewing, in your living room. Rather than using a backlight, OLED technology allows each pixel to be individually controlled – creating pure blacks, bright whites and epic contrast. Combined with Pantone validated colour accuracy, everything you watch comes to life in stunning realism.

Upgrades vs S85D

– LaserSlim Design
– Motion Xcelerator 144Hz


Experience stunning detail on your OLED screen. With powerful HDR OLED brightness levels, revel in bright highlights, impeccable blacks, and incredible depth. See every scene come to life with remarkable clarity and precision.

LaserSlim Design

Achieve the minimalist look with a super slim and ultra-stylish TV. With a nearly bezel-less screen and a super thin profile, your Samsung S90D TV has been delicately crafted to blend in with your home.

Dolby Atmos®

Dolby Atmos technology delivers a sound experience that you can feel around you. It creates an immersive and realistic impression of sound – when an aeroplane flies overhead in your favourite blockbuster, your TV’s speakers simulate the overhead sound so it feels like it is above you. Add a soundbar to create sound as if you were in the cinema.

Motion Xcelerator 144Hz

Designed for next-gen consoles and PC Gaming*, it guarantees ultra-smooth visuals and ultra-low input lag for responsive gameplay. Become the greatest of all time with lightning-quick motion.

NQ4 AI Gen2 Processor

Think of the processor as the brain of the TV, and this is our most intelligent 4K processor. Using AI and 20 AI neural networks, it elevates content to near 4K quality. From streaming to gaming, it optimises both picture and sound, enhancing brightness, contrast, motion, sound and resolution – for a truly exceptional 4K experience.

Ultra Viewing Angle with Anti-Reflection Screen

No need to worry about having to close the curtains for a mid-day movie marathon. Samsung’s critically acclaimed Anti-Reflection technology absorbs reflections to reduce glare, so you’re not distracted from the action on screen. Plus, with an Ultra Viewing Angle, you’ll still enjoy a brilliant picture when you’re not directly in front of the TV.

Available in 48″/55″/65″/77″ & 83″

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