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Samsung QEQN95D Flagship Neo QLED 4K HDR Smart TV

The ultimate Samsung 4K experience

Our most intelligent 4K processor

Think of the processor as the brain of the TV, and this is our most intelligent 4K processor. Using AI and 20 AI neural networks, it elevates content to near 4K quality. From streaming to gaming, it optimises both picture and sound, enhancing brightness, contrast, motion, sound and resolution – for a truly exceptional 4K experience.

Our highest 4K density of Mini LEDs

Samsung’s Neo QLED range uses Quantum Mini LEDs – lights that are 1/40th the size of conventional LEDs and approximately the size of a grain of sand. They are precisely controlled to create deep blacks, boosted brightness levels, and intense detail and contrast in every aspect of the picture.

Your favourite apps on the best-selling Samsung Smart TV

Dive into a huge collection of 4K films, TV shows, and all your catch-up TV apps – including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Apple TV and NOW apps – all in one place. Not sure what to watch? Our easy-to-use and customisable Smart Hub platform gives you personalised recommendations.

Available in 55″/65″/75″ & 85″

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